The Côte Roannaise & its villages de caractère

Come and visit the five villages labelled villages de caractère in the Roannais, and take a trip back in time: Ambierle, Le Crozet, Saint-Haon-le-Châtel, Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire and Charlieu.

Witnesses to a turbulent or a prosperous past, they are masters of showmanship! Each a little gem in a magnificent natural setting, they invite you to go on a voyage of discovery in the heart of the côte Roannaise. The Côte Roannaise wine-growing region (AOC since 1994) now has around thirty growers on 200 hectares, whose cellars are open to visitors.

42820 Ambierle
04 77 65 62 33
Located at the foot of the Monts de la Madeleine mountains, the village of Ambierle is surrounded by the vineyards of the Côte Roannaise. The history of Ambierle is tied up with that of its Abbey and of its Priory founded in the 10th century.
42190 Charlieu
04 77 60 12 42
Guided tours are provided in July and August, on Wednesdays and on Fridays at 10.15 am (appointment at the Tourist Office). The earliest mention of the borough of Charlieu dates from 994. It was created under the protection of the benedictine abbey.
42310 Le Crozet
04 77 63 00 87
Guided tour (for groups) of the village of Le Crozet and of its museum throughout the year by appointment A village which will charm you with its incomparable architecture witnessing to a prestigious past.
Le bourg
42155 Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire
04 77 62 96 84
Medieval village with ruins of the dungeon – Gates and fortifications. St Maurice Church: renovated Romanesque church with its chancel completely covered with listed 12th century frescoes.