Saint-Etienne’s national museums

Saint-Étienne reveals its riches and diversity through its museums, which not only bear witness to a flourishing industrial past but also look to the future and modernity.

The Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain is home to over 20,000 works and is one of the most beautiful collections of contemporary art and design in Europe.

The Musée de la Mine immerses the visitor in the world of coal, its miners and their daily lives.

The collections of the Musée d’Art et Industrie are based around three themes which are closely linked to the city (weapons, bicycles and ribbons) and trace the roots of design.

The Musée du vieux Saint-Étienne traces the history of the city and how it became an icon of industrialisation (the birthplace of French railways…).

2 place Louis Comte
42000 Saint-Étienne
04 77 49 73 00
The Musée d'Art et d'Industrie was renovated and extended by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Its prestigious collections now cover 3 floors of exhibition space and illustrate Saint-Etienne's major industries: cycling, weapons and textiles.
3 boulevard Maréchal Franchet d'Esperey
42000 Saint-Étienne
04 77 43 83 23
If you think mining is something to do with big data, it is time to have a day out at the Puits Couriot. Before it was here that miners went underground to dig coal.